What a Beautiful Service Today – December 17, 2017 at First United Methodist Church of Oneonta, NY!!! Pastor Teressa Sivers & Congregation, It was an Absolute Pleasure to Fellowship, in your words, as Your Hip Hop Angel! As Your Ministry Celebrates Angels Among Us! Shining the Light on Angels aka Messengers which so coincides with Us being Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience! It was an Honor & Privilege to Share GOD’s Words of Comfort & Empowerment! To Challenge Us To Hold on and Share That Gift that Has been Concieved by The Holy Spirit in Us, with proof by our one fingerprint in the universe, that Like Baby JESUS, Mary & Joseph, No one can do,  what GOD has Divinely Appointed Us as Individuals or as a Collective to do! So We must as James Brown Once said – Get Uppa, Get On Up! Regardless of Age and do it!  Pastor Teressa Sivers and Congregants, which included the Beautifully, inquiring Minds of the Children, You reminded Us All, to Live with #MoreJoy & Remember #DoNotBeAfraid…

Prayers, Peace, Love & Progress!!!
Rev. LaDana Clark aka LADYJAM