​This Weekend, I Celebrate Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s Birthday January 15, 1929 in Service To Others & Goodwill To All GOD’s Children! The Legacy of Dr. King & The Civil Rights Movement is still very Relevant & Necessary Today! History has now shown us, in the Words & Deeds of The 45th President of The United States, that as stated by The NAACP, The Struggle Continues! The Struggle Continues for All Non-White Americans & Poor White Americans Politically, Humanly, Spiritually & Economically! We all must deal with Trump-minded individuals who have this unfortunate Human Racist Disorder. A misguided old Jim Crow & George Wallace Behavior. We Must Continue to Speak Up, Organize and Galvanize Our Human, Spiritual, Political & Financial, Community Resources! Regardless of who try’s to undermine American Democracy, We all who believe in Justice for All, must remain vigilant and assist others when we can, in Obtaining Civil & Human Rights Around The Globe! Remember, The Assassination of This African American Iconic Leader in Memphis , Tennessee April 4, 1968, 50 Years Ago, was a Great Loss to The World & His Family! But He has left us, a Solid as a Rock Blueprint for Success!!! I will Forever be Grateful for his Many Efforts for Peace, Love, Hope & Justice For All! Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Literally put his life on the line for what He Believed and Like Christ Gave His Life For You & Me, To Be Free! Let Freedom Ring by Passing His Message & Actions On From Generation To Generation…Rev. LaDana Clark