on This Your Birthday Weekend, I want to be very Clear and very Public, Our World Challenges don’t create Fear for Me. Actually it Causes Me to Think More, Pray & Be More Precise in My Actions. Cause GOD is Cleaning House & No, The Human Dirty Laundry, Doesn’t Look Good! But I know Without One Doubt, There is Nothing We Can’t Do, Knowing You have Our Backs! The Truth is – Myself & All Humans, Still need Your Moral Data Upgrades! Let me Make this Personal, I Still Believe in You!!! Why??? Because You Believed in Me! I Remember You had no problem, Getting Your hands dirty when You came and got me! I was 22 Years Old, You came and Got Me from a Fleshly, Human, Materialistic, Drug & Alcohol induced, Life Laced with Family Pain & Disappointment! You Literally Saved Me and gave me a Better Life!!! For Me, Your WORD is Still True! JESUS Your Spirit Still Lives! I want to Say Loud & Clear, GOD, My Divine Parent, You are Still the Ultimate Character Builder! Your Son JESUS is Still An Amazing Mentor, Role Model, and Humble, Spiritual Guide & Example of How to Roll in this Life! As We the People of the World Flex, It’s So Crazy Awesome to Know Your Holy Spirit, Your Inspirational, Flexation can still Balance an Unbalanced Mind or Life! Your Divine Will Power, that is obtainable Through a Personal Relationship with You, Can Still Power Up – Whomsoever Believes!!! Happy Birthday JESUS!!! For Your Life Continues to Give Life to Billions of People from Generation to  Generation, Without Discrimination! Every Christmas, You are The Real Gift to Humanity!!! I Will Love You Always, My Forever Friend, Divine Elder Brother, My LORD & Savior – JESUS -The Christ!!!

…Rev. LaDana Clark aka LADYJAM #TheRevLC